A day with Dance and Song

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Sometimes we have spur of the instant ideas to swing into action; I have them often when it comes to travelling. In the morning I decided to go for a trip to Bangalore from Chennai. Till the previous night I wasn’t even thinking of going out of my home today. My mother packed some snacks and juice in a little bag and advised to have those instead of eating foods at shops. I just took some cash and mobile and booked a taxi from my home to Chennai railway station and the taxi just arrived.
On the way to the railway station, I saw a group of visually impaired people waiting to cross the road. Nearby there was a marriage hall and it was crowded as a marriage was happening currently. The marriage was enlightened with people drumming and dancing for the marriage. The cab driver started tapping his fingers on the car steering to the music. I felt a feel good feeling from head to toe. Everyone on the roads attention diverted towards the music that was played at the marriage ceremony. The children and the adults were dancing to the tune and the visually impaired people who were waiting on the road, who could not see the children and adults dancing, started to enjoy and dance according to the tune. Who taught them dance steps? Did they learn those steps by watching some dance program? No, the drum beats made them to tap their body naturally.
I reached the railway station and I love to travel in unreserved compartment as I get a chance to mingle with all the people and it engage my journey with chatting and learning new things. The train halted at a village for signal and there I observed another crowd. The people in the village started to dance and sung a song in the request of rain to god.
I reached Bangalore and booked a room at Lalit Ashok Bangalore. I was little tired, so I planned to see the places next day. I went out for a walk and stumbled upon the Indra Gandhi Musical Fountain. The big flag at the entrance attracted me and I took an entry ticket and went inside to spend some time. There was a musical dance planned at that time. The Water fountain along with the laser light was tuning according to the music that was played in all languages and ended with a patriotic song. The rhythmic swaying of the fountain to the visual pleasure of the light and sound made the crowd enjoy with claps and whistles.
Night I reached home, and went to have dinner. The hotel had planned a musical fun night that was accompanied with Allu Arjun dance and Anushka Manchanda songs. Because of journey I was tired and was planning to sleep early. But on hearing Anushka Manchanda voice, I stepped into the musical hall. Allu Arjun was dancing passionately with full energy and the entire crowd was enjoying. Do you believe that the entire day was spent dancing and singing? And yes, it was…

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Dance and Music

Is there anyone in the universe who does not like music? And is there anyone on the planet who does not dance to the tune of music? Even an animal or a bird would dance according to the tune naturally. Even a snake on listening to music, will tune and move its head according to the music. A child inside the mother womb, by listening to the heart beat of its mothers, its starts its first movement by kicking. Without our conscious, we tend to tap our feet by listening to a songs. I sometimes, believe dance and music are the best medicine to cure a person who is under stress or depression.

A dull circumstances can be converted to an enjoyable atmosphere by putting a fast beat songs. Whereas even a peppy, funny environment can be converted to a dull atmosphere when music’s are not on.
I remember few years before we planned for an outing with our office colleagues to wayanad. We booked a tempo traveller and it was a trip of 3 days. Everyone was in fun mood but it was completely spoiled when the tempo traveller driver informed the audio system was not working. Though we sang songs by ourselves and danced to some extent, we felt the fun has been missed without the audio systems. A camp fire is not complete without tuning the music and dance masti.

During our college days, I was in NCC and as a part of NCC rules, we have march pace practice thrice in a week. Even after continuous practice, there will be something that would miss in my team. But on the important occasions like republic day and independence day, everyone would perform extra ordinary and would give surprise to my NCC head. The reason behind that was, only during the Independence Day and Republic day, our collage chairman arranges band system for our marching. On listening to the music, we get energized and people who don’t perform well during the practice section, would get energized by listening to the sound beats and perform well.My friends also said that on hearing the music they get charged and do with enthusiasm.
You must have observed during temple pooja and festivals, people listening to the music, lost their control and dance without their knowledge. A song can make any person dance.
Dance and Music are like soul and body. Without one, the other cannot exist. There are millions of people, who try to imitate the steps of the actor that was shown in the movies. On the other side, there are millions of people, who are the best bathroom singers. Dance and music are the best to energize a person.

So, in order to get energized and spice to your life go a step ahead and put on to Anushka Manchanda songs and dance like a Allu Arjun.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity atBlogAdda.com. Are you?

So put on some music for inspiration and get blogging for the #MaxFreshMove contest!

smell good…

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.

There have been a lot of debate over decades around the topic, “what women like and what men like” and its a universal truth that women choose their men and men compete to be chosen.

What women wants?

A BWM car…?
5 Figured Salary…??
An individual Villa…???
Green card…????

Even if you have the entire things in the list above – If you don’t smell good, chances of getting rejected are high.
“Personal Aroma” – the word creates a beautiful feel inside your mind when you read it. Isn’t it? “Smell Good! Smell Right” plays a crucial role in attractiveness.
My wife loves the sweat on my body, when I return home after a physical work out. She always smiles and says “I love this sweat scent more than perfume brands.”

But the same odour must have spoiled my marriage few years ago..

TamilNadu, which is popular for hot flashing sun and high humidity, makes a person to sweat excessively. Anyone would curse it’s a difficult place for habitation, tanning, red eyes ..etc.. But for me, it’s the coolest place on the earth. Because the love of my life stays there!!!
It was in the last year May ( the hottest month in Chennai exceeding the temperature of 108°F), I went to meet my lover’s parents seeking for our marriage approval.
All together I traveled 8 hours from my home. Since, first impression is must and my lover gave a tips (or warning) that her dad decides a person in the first 30 seconds of glance. I took extra cautious in grooming myself. I wore a new shining shoes that I brought it with my saving. Trust me out of curiosity; I wore a suit coat and a tie. With the temperature heating up, I got drenched in the sweat. Since the shoe was new and it was tight than I imagined, it made it difficult for the sweat to evaporate.

The pressure and stress of meeting my girl friends father for the first time for convincing him for the marriage, the hot weather and my funny clothes made me looked like crazy and I lost my
confidence that I am going to impress my uncle.

I reached her home and her dad was waiting for me. He had a stare from head to toe. The sweat stains under my arms all over my shirt made me feel less confidence and embarrassed. The body odour must have reached his nose. Without talking a word, he went inside calling his daughter. I turned back towards the gate.

My wife (whom I married now), came out with a towel and requested to use the bath room that was outside their house and fresh up. I was not having another shirt to change and stood there without talking anything. Her father again pointed out and offered his shirt and pant. Finally all went well.

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.


Celebrate your life

“#CelebrateLifeAtIvy by owning a dream home at Ivy estate, an 85 acre estate with 34 acres of greenery and open spaces. Join the 1600 happy families already living here. Check out this walkthrough video and decide for yourself.”

Happiness is an asset that everyone would love to have in their life and everybody loves to inject happiness into their life. We often worry about our jobs, health, financial status, external appearance and forget the good ones that are around us. Nobody in this world can be happy all the time. Everybody will be borne to some problems at some point of time. The way we react to that situation makes a person happy and gives strength to face the situation.

I purely believe a person’s happiness completely depend on the way they react to the situation. A person who does is not financial rich and not having house to stay is still happy. And a person who has everything may always seem to be depressed and stressed.

According to me, problem is like an oxygen. It would be there every day. All I do to keep me happy is focus on the positive side of an incident. We always run being property, earning money and never even spend time for ourself.

First and for most, in order to get a happy life, one should have “Me time” daily. Every day at least 15 minutes a person should spend time thinking about his achievements and his good times. This will push forward to achieve many success in their life.

I am not working currently and hence spend my free time in gardening. Nothing give more happiness than eating the own fruit that you planted. Every time, I when I relish those fruits it gives immense pleasure, that I am un able to explain in words.

I feel so happy when the plants I plant bears a fruitful fruits. Of course, those fruits are the results of overcoming so many failures. At first when I planted, many died. Slowly I started learning how to grow them and started exploring. When a new leaf comes, I get excited. Protecting from insects also is challenging. Every morning, when I get up and see those fruitful and greeny plants and vegetables, I get double excited.

When my neighbours appreciate for my gardening skills, it motives me to the core and I start explaining them how I got into farming and share the do and don’ts.

Research says that Exercise is must to keep body fit. It releases endorphins which is the base to induce good mood. For me, exercise comes in the form of farming. When I go and dig the land to plant its equal to the exercise and my family members says I am cheerful after if step out from farming.

How to celebrate every single moment? Below are the few tips

  1. Don’t let negativity trash you
  2. Always think about the positive side of the incident
  3. Help others
  4. Spend time with kids
  5. Focus on your strengths
  6. Improve your weakness
  7. Exercise often
  8. Learn a new habit today
  9. Spend time with family
  10. Laugh loudly

Few Notable ads from crash the Pepsi IPL Gallery

Few Notable ads from crash the Pepsi IPL

Title of the AD:
Blind Date with Pepsi:

Created By:
Vivek Joshi

This ad takes place in a lift. A guy (around 35+) overhears a conversation of another guy talking on phone. He was asking sorry to his girlfriend, whom is going to meet her fort the first time and for a blind date. The overhearing guy is not bothered about his conversation, but as soon as he hears the word, “Pepsi is at the table” he gets excited and he himself goes to the blind date saying he was that guy. He ignores the girl and drinks the pepsi.
Things I like in the ad:
Thank God, those perfume ads which projected, “Apply Perfume. Girls will follow you.” are out dated. These days people are ready to leave their job and girl friends for Pepsi 🙂

Almost all the ads that was submitted for IPL Pepsi leave their girl friends for Pepsi.

Thing that could have been improved:

Technology has developed a lot. Before going for any blind date, a guy/girl has lot of options to share his pictures in Facebook, What’s app, email. So, this kind of concept – meeting someone without even seeing in a photo may be a good concept during 2000, but not in 2015.
Costumes & Sound Track:
Could have been better. Background music is good.
Rating: 2.5/5

Title of the AD:
“Ek Cutting Pepsi”

Created By:

Venky AV

All guys feel very boredom at work and the tea supply guy enters the office. He senses the dull atmosphere and in the tea class he pours Pepsi and give it to everyone.
Everybody gets the cricket fever mood and starts playing cricket in office with 3 Pepsi bottles as stumps

Things I like in the ad:
1. The creativity to replace tea with Pepsi. Tea is known for energy refresher and usage of Pepsi instead of tea is really an out of box thinking.
2. It’s very much related to the topic – IPL and Pepsi. It advertises both equally.

Rating: 4/5
Title of the Ad:
Drink Happiness
Created by:
Rohit Choudhary

This is the ad that attracted me the most. The idea is simply super. No cast has been involved. The ad starts with “which drink makes you happy” and few options like milk; juice and Pepsi are popped up. Of course, the correct answer has to be Pepsi. But the way they shot is really awesome.
I don’t want to break the suspense. Do watch the video and enjoy the thrill.

Beauty is always best at its simple! Similarly, this ad had scored a lot with just a simple concept and making.

Rating: 4.5/5

Top 10 Ads I hate to watch

Top 10 Ads I hate to watch:

  1. Idea Internet Network (IIN)
  2. Fairness cream
  3. CarTrade.com Ad
  4. Deodorant Ads
  5. Kalyan Jewellers Latest ad
  6. MTS Internet baby ad
  7. Airtel Mobile Payment ad (Pay Electricity Bills)
  8. Idea Internet Network (IIN) Eunuch 25 sec Ad
  9. Indulekha Hair Oil Ad
  10. Complan AD

1. IIN ads.
Entire ads of IIN (Idea Internet Network). I am not sure, why a brand like “Idea” is creating such an ads with false concept. I am still not able to believe that a person could get worst idea like this. Above all, how did the producers encourage this kind of ad?

The recent ad of IIN, where the guy learns cooking with idea network, opens up a new 5 star hotel, and his hotel receives “Best Hotel award of 2015.” Worst, ridiculous ad I have seen in my past and I bet even in Future, Crazy ads like IIN will not be taken.
God only knows, how a worst idea like this could strike a person’s mind and implement!!!

2. Ads of Fairness cream:
It just makes people fool. “Gore ho jao and all that”. I feel these kinds of ads should be banned. 12 days me gora nikhar!? I hate because it gives lot of people skin related influence that your skin needs to be “white only” if you want to look good.

My suggestion to the ad makers, why don’t you try out in Africa?

3. CarTrade.com
There is no logic in the Ad. First of all, a dog doesn’t drive and there is no interesting factor in it. Whenever these ads come, I either mute the TV or change the channel.

4. Ads of Deo:
All Deo ads that proclaim, “Use the deo’s, and you will get girls.” So silly.

5. Kalyan Jewellers Latest ad:
The ad features all top Celebraties from Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and Sandalwood.

All the celebraties like Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shivaraj Kumar, Manju Warrier, Nagarjuna, Prabhu and his son Vikram Prabhu are gearing up for the launch of Kalyan Jewellers in Chennai.

Imaging the cost they would spend for these celebrities. All these cost will definitely come under the making charges, wastes charges of the end users. Somehow, I am really irritated with their profligate

6. MTS Internet baby ad:
The mother was in the delivery room and her stomach suddenly flattens. The baby that was in the womb goes to heaven and says, “Sorry God. No WiFi, no go,”

Another MTS ad, where the baby starts working on the laptop as soon as he is out of the womb. Where are we heading to? We have already become slave to the technology and ads like these spoils the upcoming generation.

7. Airtel Mobile Payment ad (Pay Electricity Bills)
An ad with full of negativity. A guy is playing with his mobile and his father rants him for forgetting the electricity payment. The guy pays the bill online and says “Done”.
His mother feels happy for his smartness!?
Is this smartness? Disobeying dad? Always playing with mobile? Forgetting the due date?

I feel, this ad is full of negativity. How good it would be, if the same message is conveyed with optimism? Son observes dad waiting in queue for long hours for paying the bill and son teaches him how to do the online payment. This would indirectly teach the kids about love and respect toward elders.

9. Indulekha Hair Oil Ad: Same like Fairness cream. Fake promotion. Previously I had thick hair after trying out this oil, my hair density got reduced only.

10. Complan Ad: The Complan ad which says, consuming the food drink would increasing the height of child.

This Pepsi IPL, it’s not just about cricket. It’s time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it’s chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn’t end here… Even if you’re chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys?

5 celebrities and the products they should endorse

5 celebrities and the products they should endorse

Shivaji Ganesan for Ramraj Dhoti:

images (1)Shivaji

Sivaji Ganesan is known for his patriotic movies like Kappalottiya Thamizhan (a movie based on the biography of V.O.Chidambaram Pillai who fought for the British’s maritime trade) and Veerapandiya Kattabomman(a story about the Bravery leader Kattaboman who rose for the rebellion).

Both these movies are my evergreen favorite and its projects the Brave Warrior. The dhoti/veshti is a traditional men’s fit and when men wear those Vesthi they feel pride and brave.

Ramraj recently launched Dhoti with pocket and hence to advertise it, they can cast Sivaji. He can just have a cat walk and say, ““Stick it, forget it”

M.G.R for Fair and Handsome cream

M. G. Ramachandran, popularly known as MGR is famous for his acting and he was into politics as well. He was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu successively for three terms. He is known for his sparkling skin color. There were rumors that, he used to take Thanga pasapam (herbal pills mixed with gold powder ) everyday and that’s the secret of his shinning skin color.

MGR for Fair and Handsome AD

Whatever may be, Men and women admire him for his color. He is also called as God of Poverty people. Why not use him for fair and handsome beauty cream ad.?

He can give a punch, “From 18 years to 80 Years, and my first movie to last movie I only use Fair and handsome for my make up and that’s the secret for my skinning glow.”

Padmini for Pothy’s Saree ad:

Padmini is an Indian actress and she was a trained Bharathanatyam dancer. She can cast for pothys pattu sarees. Pothys is known for a good collection of light weight silk-sarees particularly for wedding occasions. It also has various collections of Kanchipuram silk sarees and Arani silk sarees.

Padmini for Pothys
Padmini for Pothys

So, Pothys’ can advertise their Saree with a song where Padmini performs a Bharathanatyam dance with various different collection of sarees. She can also say these sarees are lighter and I can easily wear while dancing.

Nagesh for Sunrise Coffee Ad:

Comedy Actor Nagesh for sunrise ad
Comedy Actor Nagesh for sunrise ad

Nagesh a National Award-winning Tamil film actor and he is famous for his comedy. It would be wonderful if he projects in a coffee advertisement.

An ad, that projects his comedy and people or friends asking him about the secret of his comedy sense and he replies “Sunrise coffee” is the secret of my humor sense. And the punch could be, “Drink coffee in the early morning and carry the jolly mood throughout the day.”

SivaKumar for Idhayam Sesame oil:

Sivakumar for Sesame Oil
Sivakumar for Sesame Oil

Sivakumar, a leading Tamil film actor and he is known for his fitness and young charming look even at his sixties. He is known as Markandeyan. All celebrates in Tamil Industry admire his youthful personality and he says doing regular exercises, Performing yoga and having oil-bath during weekends are his secrets. So, he can feature for Idhayam’s sesame oil brand. Sesame oil has many good benefits like reducing blood pressure, preventing cancer and son on. Oil Pulling with sesame oil is one of the best thing to do in the early morning.

Sivakumar is the right person to appear for Sesame oil ad, and he can suggest the benefits of Sesame oil.

This Pepsi IPL, it’s not just about cricket. It’s time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it’s chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn’t end here… Even if you’re chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys?


People do say; Look at the brighter side of an incident. But my mother –in-law is known for finding faults (only in my case). If I switch on fan, she will turn off the fan saying she was feeling so chill.  She would sweat to the core, but she would not switch on the fan. Such an adamant.

She always complained about my behaviors to my husband. If I clean a vessel, she would take the cleaned vessel and wash it again. She would scream at me, “Dirt’s are still there. You are known for doing incomplete works” .

It did hurt me to the core. Many times, I feel like giving her a strong reply. But considering my husband’s love towards his mom, I never give her a reply.

“Oh God, She is using too much soap and my saree is getting faded soon” that would be her typical answer though I wash her Saree and dry it properly and perfectly. After my child’s birth, I thought things would change. But she would poke into my child. She would keep advising me. Don’t use that soap. Use this oil. Don’t bath him so long and many such.

For what am I keeping mum? My rational thinking suggested taking a separate house and live a life with my husband and my little ones. Many times, it did advise me to give her a strong reply. But I was not that strong to hurt an elderly lady. More than all, she is my husband’s mother. Right or wrong, I should not speak something that might hurt her. So, I never replied, hiding all my pains inside.

But every day, before I go to sleep I had that sense of satisfaction. Because, if I reply something, she would reply back and this would end in fight. At the end of the day, my family sleeps peacefully that’s what I wanted.

It was during last year Diwali time, My husband and Kids went for shopping to purchase new dress for everyone. My mother-in-law was a sugar patient and hence she avoided to come for shopping. She will have a tough time facing those crowds and stand for so long.

I chose a saree for myself and dress for my kids in 10 minutes. (believe me I did). My husbands selection too got over in 5 minutes. But for my mother-in-law, I almost scanned all the sarees and roamed 4 shops to get a best one. She is my second mother my heart echoed. I chose her the costliest  saree  and my husband was content on my attitude and good nature.

But a shock was waiting as I reached my home. I removed the price tag from her saree, so that she might not feel its costly. On showing the saree, she started cribbing that the color was not good, design is vague, material is of cheap quality and on so. I did not reply anything. Went inside my room and cried. My husband was pissed off on his mother’s behavior

He explained her, how much time I spend for selecting her saree and gave her a slight warning that her behaviors is slightly becoming intolerable. My typical mother-in-law reply was “Gosh, I brought up my son for 28 years; This lady came and took her. My son is fighting with me for his wife”

Since I knew that I have my husband’s support I thought of picking up fight and give her a good reply. But my heart suggested, her behaviors were innocent.

May be, She has a fear that I may take her son away from her. Violence or anger is not the solution for anger. I need her and her support. My hubby needs her too. My kids needs grandma love.

My heart said, Love could win an angry heart. I came out of the room and said, “sorry ma, I could not fulfil your expectations.” I took my mobile, Installed Snapdeal app the next moment and said, “Ma, you can now choose your saree for yourself. Please select the saree which you like and tell me. I will place the order for you.”

My mother-in-law took the mobile and scanned the saree that was displayed in the saree section of snapdeal. She turned to a child on knowing that she can select something for herself just by sitting at home.

Above all, she was excited by seeing the Price filter range. if you go to shop, the Shop keeper’s first question would be what’s your price range? If in case, you stumble upon a costlier saree, and ask them to display that saree, the shop keeper would reply saying, “Its cost more.” and don’t even show you. My mother-in-law filtered those saree from high price and was feeling excited on seeing all the saree. I read out the description for her.

She chose one for herself and I placed the order. She asked me, “what if I don’t like the saree after I see it?”

“Well ma, you can return. And our money will be refunded without any question.”

After placing the order, I replied her, “Ma, I respect you as much as I do my mother. If I say my family, it means, you, your son and your grandchildren. Those words came from my heart and she felt the truth in my eyes. She hugged me; I touched her feet for her blessing. Later that incident her attitude towards me changed a lot. These days, she calls me to open Snapdeal app to check some toys for her grandchildren’s. She selects by herself, place the order with cash on delivery. Because of high sugar, she missed the fun of shopping. Her exhilaration is brought back again with online Snapdeal app. The excitement, she gets on receiving the item she orders and while gifting it to her grandchildren are mind-blowing..

The Chocolate cure

We talk about stress every day and by some means we are into stress even before we could realize about it .Clinical studies sum up the final – top four solutions for instant stress reliefs.

  1. Close the eyes take a deep breath inhale through your nose and exhale the through the mouth .Do it slowly for five times. ~Relieves stress.
  2. Remember a joke or an instance that led you to smile aloud . ~Relieves stress.
  3. Drink water or a fruit juice (with no soda or gas) of your choice . Relieves stress.
  4. Finally the most liked and accepted stress buster was  ” Dark chocolate ” .

    Recently, on a return flight from a business trip, I noticed an older gentleman in the crowd as we all waited to board a very full plane.  I noticed he had requested to board the plane early and he moved rather slowly.  As I arrived at my seat, I found he was seated in the aisle seat of my row.  We exchanged a few pleasantries and endured a long and stressful flight.  Toward the end of the flight, he pulled out some pieces of chocolate and offered me some.  When I accepted and thanked him, he said “I don’t know why more people don’t eat chocolate.  It’s good for both your mind and body”.

I heartily agreed that “chocolate makes life better” and we ate our chocolate together as we prepared to leave the plane.

My concern for the future.

I was shocked when I learned, how broiler(Suguna) chicken is produced. Every week it is injected with medicine to make it pluffy. This resultes in increase its size. But its heart, liver and other things will be small. Like a kid or a two months old. That’s why we can see them inactive in shops. They look like they are drugged. They can’t fly high or keep movements. Whatever we eat today is a poison. It will slowly kill mankind.

The greFutureFood 2050: How ingenuity will feed the world.ed and business had entered into food we eat. As per a research at 2050 every man and women will become unfertilized and they can’t produce a child naturally. We can’t stop this. I am really worried about the next generation health. The Hospital sector is happy because they have people round the year.

A coke bottle has 18 spoons of sugar. The one we consume in theaters has 22 spoons. That’s why coke tastes better in multiplex.

Processed foods are a big threat to mankind health. Super markets are full of processes foods. Local markets will be bombarded with GMO crops. So we are in a trap and no one really cares.The govtnment, System, Imdustires, etc..

I want my generation to eat a healthy food. So, I encouraged my daughter and son-in-law to get into agriculture or do some basic organic farming at their home. But their reply was a shock but a practical one. They gave number of reasons like, profits, hard work, finding labor, Luxurious life style for not getting into agriculture. I understood that they won’t and can’t get into farming. They are accustomed to IT life style. My daughter cribs and says she hates IT jobs. But she feels IT is better than farming. She says, “There is basic guidelines in IT life.”
If IT life is frustrating then agriculture or other entrepreneurship will be more frustrating. One has to sacrifice many things. Sometimes one’s morality will be under test. Any entrepreneur venture will be a huge success after a huge loss. No, it’s a myth.
Basically I feel, we have a poor manpower in Tamilnadu. The rural men booze every day and are unfit for long works. As per my prediction, Next generation will work in agriculture sectors. But, under corporates. Its pains, but. . .
I know it’s not easy to avoid the poisonous food, but at least follow these three rules in your life
Buy vegetables from local farmers
Eat seasonal fruits a lot
Avoid KFC and Pizza
Once in a month, it’s absolutely fine