Say Hello to the Champ

Say Hello to the Champ

5x-camera-mobile Long long ago the landline Phones we possessed are from the BSNL tele operator. Possession was a wrong term here, because It was not our phone at all. When you shift the house from one place, you have to request for transfer and leave the phone. After one month of transfer request, new Phone will be provided to the new location. Then there was a drastic change to the telecom. Land lines were replaced by mobiles. Change is always welcome and it’s a good thing. The mobile revolution has not come to end. Every day, it’s coming up with new technologies and innovations.
In this post, I am going to write about a Revolution. A Mobile revolution, i.e The Nexus revolution.
It does a lot. First is Camera. The Nexus 5X has a decent 1.55μm-sized pixels. It comes with 12.3 megapixels for rear camera with mechanical auto-focus, which means it can take really decent pictures. After taking those great images, it can be shared instantly with friends. Synchronizing the pictures to computer is also possible. In Four words, Capture –Share – Sync – Print
Second, the look – a lovely, flat and a sleek body. The 5.2-inch display would easily fit into the pocket as well as comfortable for playing games. If my grandmother sees this, she would mistake me for a cigarette box. It’s so compact and weighs only 136 gms. Smaller and faster
Connectivity: It has all the connectivity a person expects on a Smartphone. Wi-Fi, GSM, CDMA, HSPA, LTE, NFC…

Finger Print – Finger print deduction to access the apps much faster. The finger print detector is present at the back side of the phone which is another comfortable factor

It will be extremely useful for professional. Because it helps to connect to virtual private networks (VPNs).It’s time to move on to Nexus 5X, after all it’s proud to possess one of the best phones ever, the Nexus 5X

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She is my heart and I will protect my heart…

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“I need to talk to you” I requested my wife who was extremely busy in cooking.

“I don’t have time. I need to prepare coffee and breakfast” She replied instantly.

“Can I have five minutes of your time? Just the time you take to make a cup of coffee”

She glared at me and all husbands might guess the next scene. But this time, I did not run away. I took the milk and coffee powder to make 2 cup of coffee.

“Can I have five minutes of yours now” I asked with a smile.

Our wives are indeed smart. Once in a blue moon if we help them, never in their wild dream they think it’s because of our love.

“Come straight to the point. You want to booze today? Or want to buy a new mobile?” She almost roared.

“Nothing as such. I just want to protect my wife’s heart that is always up all night with the grand children and overstretching at office and home to complete her tasks for family and doing nothing for herself.”

She took a sip of coffee to sense the heat and confirm it’s not a dream.


Recently Saffola life came up with a #protectherheart initiative and is creating awareness about woman’s heart health in India. Women is playing vital role is everyone’s life and its our duty to protect her heart.

Blow are the 3 steps I will take to #protectherheart

Laugh out loud:

Research have proved that people with a healthy heart are more likely to laugh frequently. It improves the supply of oxygen in the blood. Personally I felt, it burst out all negative feelings such as anger and sadness. So, First thing in the morning we would all gather together and share all the fun things happened the day before and have a hearty laugh.

Replace junk with Frits and Vegetables:

Cutting the junk will cut down the chances of heart disease. As simple as that. So, I will replace my kitchen with plenty of salad, fruit and vegetables. Those are the best gift we can gift our heart.

Walk & Sleep well

I will help her to cook, so that she gets little bit of free time.

I will utilize the free time and take her for a walking. Walking not only boosts the heart and burns the cholesterol but it helps in getting a deep sleep at night. Proper Sleeping and daily walking will protect the heart from disease.

Since she knows only to take care of the family and forgets to protect her heart, it’s my duty to protect her heart. Above all I love my wife and she is my heart.

Gurus in my life

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So often people impact our lives and they may not know it! The recent #SachchiAdvice Contest launched by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda reminded me of everyone who inspired me directly or indirectly over the years. It made me think about them, spurring me on to connect intentionally, seek them out actively, express my gratitude, and continue to learn from them.

One of my advisers was Kanda, my paternal grandfather. I liked the way he organized his life, his passion towards studies. He did multiple degrees right from arts, social, management and many more while he was working and till his last breath. He also advised me to do multiple degrees. He passed away, a few years back, at the age of 83, but never really retired…as a senior advocate and a criminal lawyer with an immense clientele, he continued to attend court till just a couple of months before he passed on. Due to multiple cataract operations, he could not see very well and therefore could not drive, but was always there for his clients, traveling by a cycle rickshaw on many occasions, for court appearing. He was meticulous in his dress and daily grooming, stood ram rod straight with no support till the very end and was physically active throughout his life. He was truly an inspiration and someone who continues to “advise” me in different ways, even today.
Apart from him there are few more people in my life, whom I reach out in case of any problem.

My father in law – another guru in my life. He reads everything from politics to history to literature to religion to medicine. He himself was an electric engineer and recently he advised me on civil project.  He is the best example of where to put out thoughts and where not. He is also the best example of how to put strong opinions without disturbing opponents self-respect. I always cherish my learning from him.

My daughter – My observing my daughter. She has such a as fostering loyalty attitude and forward thinking. She has inspired me by her actions to live a “value oriented” life.

There are several other adviser in my life and i can never underestimate the impact they have had on me and my career.

The Sachchi Advicer

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”

Often we pre assume “advising” as very organized; involving an advisor, mentee and a process. However, from ancient time, we have had examples of resourceful, talented and often unassuming people inspiring and advising others without even being aware of it – they are the passive advisors.

Recently, I had a privilege to meet my organization CEO at a panel discussion.

Amidst the leadership insights, punctuated with humor, the conversation dwelled on advising. History shows us some great examples of passive advisors. The famous Indian epic Mahabharata depicts Ekalavya the young boy who wanted to learn archery from the acclaimed guru (teacher), Dronacharya. However, Dronacharya refused to teach Ekalavya since he lacked the desired social status. Undeterred, Ekalavya made a stone replica of the famed guru and armed with inspiration, self-taught himself into becoming the best archer in the kingdom. Whilst Dronacharya was not there in person to teach the young disciple; he was there in his prayers. Dronacharya …..the passive advisor.

Over the years I too have had many passive advisors; one of them being my friend Bala. He is a leader I have known for a decade, from whom I learnt character. I am fortunate to have learned some remarkable life lasting qualities from many other passive advisors too. Sometime early in my career, work took me frequently to my company’s manufacturing plant in the outskirts of TamilNadu. As a greenhorn trainee, I had a chance encounter with one of the plant employees whose only job was to serve hot refreshments to customers and potential clients visiting the plant.  He was always impeccably attired in his crisply starched white shirt and trousers with polished black shoes: he bore a perpetual smile. He rarely spoke as he suffered from acute stammering. However, the inimitable and purposeful manner in which he served his guests stood out.  He would make the perfect tea with the correct amount of tea leaves, milk and sugar and serve it along with biscuits.

Mr. Bala communicated with his smile and positive demeanor. On occasion he would silently scrutinize my dress as if to communicate that I was below par. What I learnt from this simple gentleman were 3 things; firstly, dignity of labor. No matter how mundane a task, treat it as it were the world’s best! Secondly, how even simple attire can project a professional image, when well managed. His spick-and-span white clothes and shoes really said, “You are very important”.

A day in the life

It is another glorious day in Bangalore, the sun is shining and the temperature is 20°C in the morning rising to 30° in the afternoon which is welcome indeed. The day starts in a leisurely fashion, because my working day is later at 11.00 AM.
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With some time still to spare, exercise in the apartment’s well-equipped gym on the 12th floor whilst overlooking the city. If you are more like me you may choose to lounge by the roof-top and read the day’s newspaper while ignoring that little voice that is telling you that you should be on the treadmill!

In my opinion there is no better window into a nation than a good newspaper. You can read everything from the heavy political stories on page 1 to the classified ads where parents seek suitable spouses for their children (alas who likes databases and hurling).
If you read past the page 1 leads you can find some real gems, I particularly liked the opening line to a story about the raising of taxes on beer: “Frownies for guzzlers, smilies for the government.” In solidarity with the guzzlers of India I wore a frown for the rest of the morning.

TAXIThe frown could not survive the commute. Booked a taxi at a discounted rate through 27Coupons and the taxi arrived sooner. What appears to be a requirement to allow you to drive in Bangalore, namely a sixth sense to telepathically to know what the multitude of other drivers around you are about to do. It’s hard to do justice to the driving here in a blog or a photo. My driver’s name is Kumar, was a friendly chap as well as he possessed that telepathy skill.
If you want to zig-zag through traffic faster than all others that’s no problem as long as you use the horn!
Without the car horn there would be disaster. It’s used in a multitude of ways, from the reproachful “I can’t believe what you just did” to the daredevil “you are not going to believe what I am about to do.” My personal favourite is the “we are all stopped at this red light for long enough, let’s all go!”
To an outsider it appears chaotic and in many ways it is, but it works. Many vehicles, from the scooter carrying one or many people, through the auto-rickshaw, the family car up to buses and trucks flow down roads in greater numbers than if the obeyed the rules. Just make sure you blow the horn.

Afternoons are taken up with work and I am usually finished another productive day by 8:00. It is then back on the roads for the most entertaining commute you will ever have. A newspaper is provided in my office cab, but I cannot seem to avert my gaze from the road ahead.

Dinner time- It has a wide variety of dining choices from Chinese, Hyderabadi, Chettinad and so on… Some are savoury, some spicy, some mild, some sweet, all are a treat to eat.

I was 12 when you are born;

I was 12 when you are born; the excitement of a new baby arriving home pumped through my heart. It was after your birth I believed, angels appear on Earth in the form of sisters. I had a responsibility of making you sleep when you are tired, play when you need, and feed when you were hungry. Our parents always preached me to take over the responsibilities of a father when it comes to you.

I always protected the chocolates, biscuits, pencils that I get from our dad for you. My childhood was blissful only after your birth. You were proud for my achievements.

I was 18, when you were 6.. I was in a college hostel for my higher studies. Our Dad used to offer pocket-money every month. Though my friends go out for movies every weekend, I skip going out for movies and cut down all my entertainment to save the money for your dress. Every year, with the savings, I used to present a new dress for Diwali.

I was 24, when you were 12 and I got a job and was working in Chennai. I forgot to buy a dress for Diwali due to my office issues and mental stress. When I came home, empty-handed you began to cry. Though our parents convinced you and I promised to buy a bi-cycle for you. The next day itself, I bought a bi-cycle for you.

I was 28 and you were 16..I was blessed with a female baby. Since, myself and my wife was working, we were under a circumstance to leave the child to our parents. You took care of my daughter as a mother. My daughter was more attached to you than us.

I was 36 and you were 24… I was really a proud man. Our dad was extremely happy about your marriage and I was even excited because I was able to support your marriage physically and financially.

I was 40, when you are 28…You said your husband wants to start a business along with my partnership. I mortgage our lands and arranged bank loan for the business. As years passed, there was a cliché between your husband and me. I expected you to talk in favor of me, but you supported your husband and not your brother.

I was broken down. Then our dad said, “Your sister had made us only proud by supporting her husband. Don’t you feel honored when she offers her time, support and money to her family? It clears shows that your sister was nurtured with good habits.”

I slowly then made up my mind. After that incident, irrespective of conflicts and misunderstanding I always admired you and the love for you never violated. Though we fight and at time stopped talking to each other for a week, it only increased the bonding between us. Irrespective of whatever happens in our life, I now know that you will love me forever and I will love you forever.

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This letter is to let you know that, I will love you forever. You are my first daughter, my first friend and at times my mother. ..

#MaxFreshMove with Kids

“#MaxFreshMove with Kids“

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I am the secretary of my colony and I am responsible for organizing cultural events every year in my colony. There are around 15 families in the colony and the “colony day” is conducted once in a year. We conduct sports, cultural events for children and games for parents.

Apart from this colony day, every year, we organize a festive at our temple. Both this events have one thing in common. That’s dance. Dance not only makes the kids happy, it also makes everyone around the place happy. Parents feel double excited to watch their kids dancing. Sometimes, the parents starts to dance to the tune of the music.

Last year, due to the time constraint I have to cancel the dance program. The kids were upset to the core and did not talk to me for a month. I promised them, this year I would organize the dance events in much bigger way.

But, the kids are smart always and hence replied, “We will talk to you only when you make us dance in the Colony day. Till then, we will not talk to you”

Every morning, I wish them, But their reply would be, “We will wish you only when we dance in the colony day”

Then I came across this #MaxFreshMove contest and felt this contest would be the best way to couple back with the kids.

I invited the kids to my home and informed them about the #MaxFreshMove contest. They were double happy and danced to the tune of Taazgi ka Dhamaka tune. They absolutely loved the song and were smiling throughout the song. At the end, they said, “Love you for making us dancing and happy”

Here is the video of the kids movement. As soon as the tune was played, the kids started to dance and the steps were spontaneous and they loved every moment of it.

“I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.”

Battle household odours

In olden days, before those costly perfumes were introduced, people used to apply sandal wood on their body in order to smell good. People were taught to light intense every day morning and evening in order to make the home smell good and attractive. My father taught me keep lotus or rose flower inside a bowl and place in the centre of the living room, so that the lotus and rose smell would spread across the room and the house will smell good.

My clothes were also taken special care in order to smell good. They are usually soaked in water, washed well and dried well in sunlight, as so to get that fresh smell. A good smell always gives a positive energy and good feel.

I personally feel, god blessed with six sense and among those six, nose plays a vital role among all. It helps in identifying good smell and bad smell. If a food is spoiled, it can be identified with the rotten smell.

Long back, I remember there was one lady around 90 years died and their son and daughter both were settled in United Kingdom. We informed them and though they started immediately it took 2 days to reach India. Still they arrived, the old lady was kept without burying. Those days, we don’t have an option to freeze. Even if it was there, it was extremely costly.

Since, she was very old, people started getting some bad smell. People could not control those smeel and those days, we don’t have perfume and hence people sprayed Rose water in order to get rid of that bad smell.

Some years ago, I had a bad experience. I was getting bad smell at my home. On deep cleaning, we could not find the reason for it. It was as bad as horrible, that we could not control the smell and we could not stay in the home even for a minute.

My wife said, it could be the smell of a dead rat. We started searching and finally found a dead rat inside a small hole. We disposed that, but still we could not get rid of the smell. Then we lighted intense, but it took two to three minutes for it to spread the sweet smell.

Gone are the days, with the help of Ambi Pur, it’s possible and very easy to keep the home battle the house odors. It not only eliminates the bad odors, but it showers the house with nice odors.


5 Powerful lessons I learnt from my Father

Fathers have a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to their families, especially on their sons. They love to take care of everyone and provide complete comfortable support to everyone in the family. The most important and significant things at the same time the basic and fundamental lessons we learn about life are usually taught to us by our dad.
5 Powerful lessons I learnt from my Father: 


  • Hard Work and Determination:
    When I complained how hard my college days were, you devised me to work hard. I followed your words as an obedient child and today, that’s the quality which is getting me everything and is taking to me to anywhere in my life.
    Dads are often great role models for determination. My dad’s success in life was likely achieved as a result of his determination, and he tries to use his life experiences to guide me. He advised not to give up pursuing a goal. Determination and Hard work those are the two words that he kept reminding me, to overcome many of life’s obstacles.
  • Be Patient:
    When I cribbed for not get the results I expected, my dad suggested to be patient. When I lost confidence in myself, he step in and reminds me to be patient. He always says, hard work doesn’t always pay off and success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time.
  • Stand up for myself:
    During my school days, a Gang of guys teased me for raising out my opinion. I came home weeping and said I will not be going to school from the next day. Instead of convincing me, you were angry at me, as I did not stand up for myself. You also, taught me how to stand up for myself at every situation and at the same time to be polite. Because of this quality I am succeeding in my professional environment.
    I am in an environment that needs employees to speak up and offer suggestions. The teaching you taught allows me to feel comfortable and respectfully say what’s on my minds. This quality is ultimately creating me a more healthy and productive workplace.
    There are so many incidents in my life that cause us to doubt people. Faith is a deep and strong conviction, belief, or trust, and it only comes from within. He always reminds me that we tend to lose faith on people especially during challenging and difficult times. It’s the time, we should trust others. If you don’t have faith in yourself, don’t expect others to have faith in you.

Thank you #dandydad for such a wonderful lessons.

A Special hug for my dad

Dad, from the time he was endorsed into the role he taught me how to be strong and take care of myself. His goal in life was to prepare and mold me as a best person in the world. He taught me every single thing on the earth. With his experience and wisdom, he taught me what is right and what is wrong. His method of teachings was different. Instead of walking with me, he taught me to walk by myself and observed from far. He made me to solve my problems on my own and admired it from far. When I struggle with learning a bi-cycle, he made me to learn on my own and observed happily when I am riding with it. Whether it is cooking or a project, he observes the way I tackle the problem and then suggest or guides with the best solution.
Now, I understand the value of letting me learn by myself with struggles rather than teaching in an ease way.

This post is a special dedication for my dad, who is the reason for my professional and personal success.
My dad had played a very significant role in my growth and development. He had guarded and nurtured me at the crucial early years of my childhood. As I grew and develop, he then began the real work by helping me building the character and intelligence. He was a little tough dad and was more demanding with discipline when I was a kid. But as I grew old, I understood that he was tough and rough those days, as he wanted to prepare me for the challenges that lied ahead. The precious lessons you taught me throughout the years will be helpful throughout my life and I am applying it at every stage of my life. I am sure I will pass those wisdom to my children as well. Parents are their children’s first teachers and first leaders; the simple life lessons that you taught me is enough for my future challenges. The wisdom I got from your experience and knowledge will not be learned at any institutions or schools or even in my life experience. You are always my role model; my teacher, my love, and my inspiration. On this father’s day, I want to give you a hug for being a wonderful father. Thank you my dad, for what you have taught me. I am better prepared to face the world on my own because of your guidance and support.