She is my heart and I will protect my heart…

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

“I need to talk to you” I requested my wife who was extremely busy in cooking.

“I don’t have time. I need to prepare coffee and breakfast” She replied instantly.

“Can I have five minutes of your time? Just the time you take to make a cup of coffee”

She glared at me and all husbands might guess the next scene. But this time, I did not run away. I took the milk and coffee powder to make 2 cup of coffee.

“Can I have five minutes of yours now” I asked with a smile.

Our wives are indeed smart. Once in a blue moon if we help them, never in their wild dream they think it’s because of our love.

“Come straight to the point. You want to booze today? Or want to buy a new mobile?” She almost roared.

“Nothing as such. I just want to protect my wife’s heart that is always up all night with the grand children and overstretching at office and home to complete her tasks for family and doing nothing for herself.”

She took a sip of coffee to sense the heat and confirm it’s not a dream.


Recently Saffola life came up with a #protectherheart initiative and is creating awareness about woman’s heart health in India. Women is playing vital role is everyone’s life and its our duty to protect her heart.

Blow are the 3 steps I will take to #protectherheart

Laugh out loud:

Research have proved that people with a healthy heart are more likely to laugh frequently. It improves the supply of oxygen in the blood. Personally I felt, it burst out all negative feelings such as anger and sadness. So, First thing in the morning we would all gather together and share all the fun things happened the day before and have a hearty laugh.

Replace junk with Frits and Vegetables:

Cutting the junk will cut down the chances of heart disease. As simple as that. So, I will replace my kitchen with plenty of salad, fruit and vegetables. Those are the best gift we can gift our heart.

Walk & Sleep well

I will help her to cook, so that she gets little bit of free time.

I will utilize the free time and take her for a walking. Walking not only boosts the heart and burns the cholesterol but it helps in getting a deep sleep at night. Proper Sleeping and daily walking will protect the heart from disease.

Since she knows only to take care of the family and forgets to protect her heart, it’s my duty to protect her heart. Above all I love my wife and she is my heart.


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