Gurus in my life

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”

So often people impact our lives and they may not know it! The recent #SachchiAdvice Contest launched by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda reminded me of everyone who inspired me directly or indirectly over the years. It made me think about them, spurring me on to connect intentionally, seek them out actively, express my gratitude, and continue to learn from them.

One of my advisers was Kanda, my paternal grandfather. I liked the way he organized his life, his passion towards studies. He did multiple degrees right from arts, social, management and many more while he was working and till his last breath. He also advised me to do multiple degrees. He passed away, a few years back, at the age of 83, but never really retired…as a senior advocate and a criminal lawyer with an immense clientele, he continued to attend court till just a couple of months before he passed on. Due to multiple cataract operations, he could not see very well and therefore could not drive, but was always there for his clients, traveling by a cycle rickshaw on many occasions, for court appearing. He was meticulous in his dress and daily grooming, stood ram rod straight with no support till the very end and was physically active throughout his life. He was truly an inspiration and someone who continues to “advise” me in different ways, even today.
Apart from him there are few more people in my life, whom I reach out in case of any problem.

My father in law – another guru in my life. He reads everything from politics to history to literature to religion to medicine. He himself was an electric engineer and recently he advised me on civil project.  He is the best example of where to put out thoughts and where not. He is also the best example of how to put strong opinions without disturbing opponents self-respect. I always cherish my learning from him.

My daughter – My observing my daughter. She has such a as fostering loyalty attitude and forward thinking. She has inspired me by her actions to live a “value oriented” life.

There are several other adviser in my life and i can never underestimate the impact they have had on me and my career.


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