A day in the life

It is another glorious day in Bangalore, the sun is shining and the temperature is 20°C in the morning rising to 30° in the afternoon which is welcome indeed. The day starts in a leisurely fashion, because my working day is later at 11.00 AM.
Breakfast is an international affair; everything you are used to at home for breakfast is available at your door step at discount prices through 27coupons.com


With some time still to spare, exercise in the apartment’s well-equipped gym on the 12th floor whilst overlooking the city. If you are more like me you may choose to lounge by the roof-top and read the day’s newspaper while ignoring that little voice that is telling you that you should be on the treadmill!

In my opinion there is no better window into a nation than a good newspaper. You can read everything from the heavy political stories on page 1 to the classified ads where parents seek suitable spouses for their children (alas who likes databases and hurling).
If you read past the page 1 leads you can find some real gems, I particularly liked the opening line to a story about the raising of taxes on beer: “Frownies for guzzlers, smilies for the government.” In solidarity with the guzzlers of India I wore a frown for the rest of the morning.

TAXIThe frown could not survive the commute. Booked a taxi at a discounted rate through 27Coupons and the taxi arrived sooner. What appears to be a requirement to allow you to drive in Bangalore, namely a sixth sense to telepathically to know what the multitude of other drivers around you are about to do. It’s hard to do justice to the driving here in a blog or a photo. My driver’s name is Kumar, was a friendly chap as well as he possessed that telepathy skill.
If you want to zig-zag through traffic faster than all others that’s no problem as long as you use the horn!
Without the car horn there would be disaster. It’s used in a multitude of ways, from the reproachful “I can’t believe what you just did” to the daredevil “you are not going to believe what I am about to do.” My personal favourite is the “we are all stopped at this red light for long enough, let’s all go!”
To an outsider it appears chaotic and in many ways it is, but it works. Many vehicles, from the scooter carrying one or many people, through the auto-rickshaw, the family car up to buses and trucks flow down roads in greater numbers than if the obeyed the rules. Just make sure you blow the horn.

Afternoons are taken up with work and I am usually finished another productive day by 8:00. It is then back on the roads for the most entertaining commute you will ever have. A newspaper is provided in my office cab, but I cannot seem to avert my gaze from the road ahead.

Dinner time- It has a wide variety of dining choices from Chinese, Hyderabadi, Chettinad and so on… Some are savoury, some spicy, some mild, some sweet, all are a treat to eat.


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