I was 12 when you are born;

I was 12 when you are born; the excitement of a new baby arriving home pumped through my heart. It was after your birth I believed, angels appear on Earth in the form of sisters. I had a responsibility of making you sleep when you are tired, play when you need, and feed when you were hungry. Our parents always preached me to take over the responsibilities of a father when it comes to you.

I always protected the chocolates, biscuits, pencils that I get from our dad for you. My childhood was blissful only after your birth. You were proud for my achievements.

I was 18, when you were 6.. I was in a college hostel for my higher studies. Our Dad used to offer pocket-money every month. Though my friends go out for movies every weekend, I skip going out for movies and cut down all my entertainment to save the money for your dress. Every year, with the savings, I used to present a new dress for Diwali.

I was 24, when you were 12 and I got a job and was working in Chennai. I forgot to buy a dress for Diwali due to my office issues and mental stress. When I came home, empty-handed you began to cry. Though our parents convinced you and I promised to buy a bi-cycle for you. The next day itself, I bought a bi-cycle for you.

I was 28 and you were 16..I was blessed with a female baby. Since, myself and my wife was working, we were under a circumstance to leave the child to our parents. You took care of my daughter as a mother. My daughter was more attached to you than us.

I was 36 and you were 24… I was really a proud man. Our dad was extremely happy about your marriage and I was even excited because I was able to support your marriage physically and financially.

I was 40, when you are 28…You said your husband wants to start a business along with my partnership. I mortgage our lands and arranged bank loan for the business. As years passed, there was a cliché between your husband and me. I expected you to talk in favor of me, but you supported your husband and not your brother.

I was broken down. Then our dad said, “Your sister had made us only proud by supporting her husband. Don’t you feel honored when she offers her time, support and money to her family? It clears shows that your sister was nurtured with good habits.”

I slowly then made up my mind. After that incident, irrespective of conflicts and misunderstanding I always admired you and the love for you never violated. Though we fight and at time stopped talking to each other for a week, it only increased the bonding between us. Irrespective of whatever happens in our life, I now know that you will love me forever and I will love you forever.

Below is a #selfiewithsibling


This letter is to let you know that, I will love you forever. You are my first daughter, my first friend and at times my mother. ..


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