Battle household odours

In olden days, before those costly perfumes were introduced, people used to apply sandal wood on their body in order to smell good. People were taught to light intense every day morning and evening in order to make the home smell good and attractive. My father taught me keep lotus or rose flower inside a bowl and place in the centre of the living room, so that the lotus and rose smell would spread across the room and the house will smell good.

My clothes were also taken special care in order to smell good. They are usually soaked in water, washed well and dried well in sunlight, as so to get that fresh smell. A good smell always gives a positive energy and good feel.

I personally feel, god blessed with six sense and among those six, nose plays a vital role among all. It helps in identifying good smell and bad smell. If a food is spoiled, it can be identified with the rotten smell.

Long back, I remember there was one lady around 90 years died and their son and daughter both were settled in United Kingdom. We informed them and though they started immediately it took 2 days to reach India. Still they arrived, the old lady was kept without burying. Those days, we don’t have an option to freeze. Even if it was there, it was extremely costly.

Since, she was very old, people started getting some bad smell. People could not control those smeel and those days, we don’t have perfume and hence people sprayed Rose water in order to get rid of that bad smell.

Some years ago, I had a bad experience. I was getting bad smell at my home. On deep cleaning, we could not find the reason for it. It was as bad as horrible, that we could not control the smell and we could not stay in the home even for a minute.

My wife said, it could be the smell of a dead rat. We started searching and finally found a dead rat inside a small hole. We disposed that, but still we could not get rid of the smell. Then we lighted intense, but it took two to three minutes for it to spread the sweet smell.

Gone are the days, with the help of Ambi Pur, it’s possible and very easy to keep the home battle the house odors. It not only eliminates the bad odors, but it showers the house with nice odors.



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