5 Powerful lessons I learnt from my Father

Fathers have a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to their families, especially on their sons. They love to take care of everyone and provide complete comfortable support to everyone in the family. The most important and significant things at the same time the basic and fundamental lessons we learn about life are usually taught to us by our dad.
5 Powerful lessons I learnt from my Father: 


  • Hard Work and Determination:
    When I complained how hard my college days were, you devised me to work hard. I followed your words as an obedient child and today, that’s the quality which is getting me everything and is taking to me to anywhere in my life.
    Dads are often great role models for determination. My dad’s success in life was likely achieved as a result of his determination, and he tries to use his life experiences to guide me. He advised not to give up pursuing a goal. Determination and Hard work those are the two words that he kept reminding me, to overcome many of life’s obstacles.
  • Be Patient:
    When I cribbed for not get the results I expected, my dad suggested to be patient. When I lost confidence in myself, he step in and reminds me to be patient. He always says, hard work doesn’t always pay off and success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time.
  • Stand up for myself:
    During my school days, a Gang of guys teased me for raising out my opinion. I came home weeping and said I will not be going to school from the next day. Instead of convincing me, you were angry at me, as I did not stand up for myself. You also, taught me how to stand up for myself at every situation and at the same time to be polite. Because of this quality I am succeeding in my professional environment.
    I am in an environment that needs employees to speak up and offer suggestions. The teaching you taught allows me to feel comfortable and respectfully say what’s on my minds. This quality is ultimately creating me a more healthy and productive workplace.
    There are so many incidents in my life that cause us to doubt people. Faith is a deep and strong conviction, belief, or trust, and it only comes from within. He always reminds me that we tend to lose faith on people especially during challenging and difficult times. It’s the time, we should trust others. If you don’t have faith in yourself, don’t expect others to have faith in you.

Thank you #dandydad for such a wonderful lessons.


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