A Special hug for my dad

Dad, from the time he was endorsed into the role he taught me how to be strong and take care of myself. His goal in life was to prepare and mold me as a best person in the world. He taught me every single thing on the earth. With his experience and wisdom, he taught me what is right and what is wrong. His method of teachings was different. Instead of walking with me, he taught me to walk by myself and observed from far. He made me to solve my problems on my own and admired it from far. When I struggle with learning a bi-cycle, he made me to learn on my own and observed happily when I am riding with it. Whether it is cooking or a project, he observes the way I tackle the problem and then suggest or guides with the best solution.
Now, I understand the value of letting me learn by myself with struggles rather than teaching in an ease way.

This post is a special dedication for my dad, who is the reason for my professional and personal success.
My dad had played a very significant role in my growth and development. He had guarded and nurtured me at the crucial early years of my childhood. As I grew and develop, he then began the real work by helping me building the character and intelligence. He was a little tough dad and was more demanding with discipline when I was a kid. But as I grew old, I understood that he was tough and rough those days, as he wanted to prepare me for the challenges that lied ahead. The precious lessons you taught me throughout the years will be helpful throughout my life and I am applying it at every stage of my life. I am sure I will pass those wisdom to my children as well. Parents are their children’s first teachers and first leaders; the simple life lessons that you taught me is enough for my future challenges. The wisdom I got from your experience and knowledge will not be learned at any institutions or schools or even in my life experience. You are always my role model; my teacher, my love, and my inspiration. On this father’s day, I want to give you a hug for being a wonderful father. Thank you my dad, for what you have taught me. I am better prepared to face the world on my own because of your guidance and support.


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