A day with Dance and Song

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity atBlogAdda.com. Are you?

Sometimes we have spur of the instant ideas to swing into action; I have them often when it comes to travelling. In the morning I decided to go for a trip to Bangalore from Chennai. Till the previous night I wasn’t even thinking of going out of my home today. My mother packed some snacks and juice in a little bag and advised to have those instead of eating foods at shops. I just took some cash and mobile and booked a taxi from my home to Chennai railway station and the taxi just arrived.
On the way to the railway station, I saw a group of visually impaired people waiting to cross the road. Nearby there was a marriage hall and it was crowded as a marriage was happening currently. The marriage was enlightened with people drumming and dancing for the marriage. The cab driver started tapping his fingers on the car steering to the music. I felt a feel good feeling from head to toe. Everyone on the roads attention diverted towards the music that was played at the marriage ceremony. The children and the adults were dancing to the tune and the visually impaired people who were waiting on the road, who could not see the children and adults dancing, started to enjoy and dance according to the tune. Who taught them dance steps? Did they learn those steps by watching some dance program? No, the drum beats made them to tap their body naturally.
I reached the railway station and I love to travel in unreserved compartment as I get a chance to mingle with all the people and it engage my journey with chatting and learning new things. The train halted at a village for signal and there I observed another crowd. The people in the village started to dance and sung a song in the request of rain to god.
I reached Bangalore and booked a room at Lalit Ashok Bangalore. I was little tired, so I planned to see the places next day. I went out for a walk and stumbled upon the Indra Gandhi Musical Fountain. The big flag at the entrance attracted me and I took an entry ticket and went inside to spend some time. There was a musical dance planned at that time. The Water fountain along with the laser light was tuning according to the music that was played in all languages and ended with a patriotic song. The rhythmic swaying of the fountain to the visual pleasure of the light and sound made the crowd enjoy with claps and whistles.
Night I reached home, and went to have dinner. The hotel had planned a musical fun night that was accompanied with Allu Arjun dance and Anushka Manchanda songs. Because of journey I was tired and was planning to sleep early. But on hearing Anushka Manchanda voice, I stepped into the musical hall. Allu Arjun was dancing passionately with full energy and the entire crowd was enjoying. Do you believe that the entire day was spent dancing and singing? And yes, it was…

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity atBlogAdda.com. Are you?

Put on some music for inspiration and get blogging for the #MaxFreshMove contest!

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