Dance and Music

Is there anyone in the universe who does not like music? And is there anyone on the planet who does not dance to the tune of music? Even an animal or a bird would dance according to the tune naturally. Even a snake on listening to music, will tune and move its head according to the music. A child inside the mother womb, by listening to the heart beat of its mothers, its starts its first movement by kicking. Without our conscious, we tend to tap our feet by listening to a songs. I sometimes, believe dance and music are the best medicine to cure a person who is under stress or depression.

A dull circumstances can be converted to an enjoyable atmosphere by putting a fast beat songs. Whereas even a peppy, funny environment can be converted to a dull atmosphere when music’s are not on.
I remember few years before we planned for an outing with our office colleagues to wayanad. We booked a tempo traveller and it was a trip of 3 days. Everyone was in fun mood but it was completely spoiled when the tempo traveller driver informed the audio system was not working. Though we sang songs by ourselves and danced to some extent, we felt the fun has been missed without the audio systems. A camp fire is not complete without tuning the music and dance masti.

During our college days, I was in NCC and as a part of NCC rules, we have march pace practice thrice in a week. Even after continuous practice, there will be something that would miss in my team. But on the important occasions like republic day and independence day, everyone would perform extra ordinary and would give surprise to my NCC head. The reason behind that was, only during the Independence Day and Republic day, our collage chairman arranges band system for our marching. On listening to the music, we get energized and people who don’t perform well during the practice section, would get energized by listening to the sound beats and perform well.My friends also said that on hearing the music they get charged and do with enthusiasm.
You must have observed during temple pooja and festivals, people listening to the music, lost their control and dance without their knowledge. A song can make any person dance.
Dance and Music are like soul and body. Without one, the other cannot exist. There are millions of people, who try to imitate the steps of the actor that was shown in the movies. On the other side, there are millions of people, who are the best bathroom singers. Dance and music are the best to energize a person.

So, in order to get energized and spice to your life go a step ahead and put on to Anushka Manchanda songs and dance like a Allu Arjun.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

So put on some music for inspiration and get blogging for the #MaxFreshMove contest!

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