Celebrate your life

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Happiness is an asset that everyone would love to have in their life and everybody loves to inject happiness into their life. We often worry about our jobs, health, financial status, external appearance and forget the good ones that are around us. Nobody in this world can be happy all the time. Everybody will be borne to some problems at some point of time. The way we react to that situation makes a person happy and gives strength to face the situation.

I purely believe a person’s happiness completely depend on the way they react to the situation. A person who does is not financial rich and not having house to stay is still happy. And a person who has everything may always seem to be depressed and stressed.

According to me, problem is like an oxygen. It would be there every day. All I do to keep me happy is focus on the positive side of an incident. We always run being property, earning money and never even spend time for ourself.

First and for most, in order to get a happy life, one should have “Me time” daily. Every day at least 15 minutes a person should spend time thinking about his achievements and his good times. This will push forward to achieve many success in their life.

I am not working currently and hence spend my free time in gardening. Nothing give more happiness than eating the own fruit that you planted. Every time, I when I relish those fruits it gives immense pleasure, that I am un able to explain in words.

I feel so happy when the plants I plant bears a fruitful fruits. Of course, those fruits are the results of overcoming so many failures. At first when I planted, many died. Slowly I started learning how to grow them and started exploring. When a new leaf comes, I get excited. Protecting from insects also is challenging. Every morning, when I get up and see those fruitful and greeny plants and vegetables, I get double excited.

When my neighbours appreciate for my gardening skills, it motives me to the core and I start explaining them how I got into farming and share the do and don’ts.

Research says that Exercise is must to keep body fit. It releases endorphins which is the base to induce good mood. For me, exercise comes in the form of farming. When I go and dig the land to plant its equal to the exercise and my family members says I am cheerful after if step out from farming.

How to celebrate every single moment? Below are the few tips

  1. Don’t let negativity trash you
  2. Always think about the positive side of the incident
  3. Help others
  4. Spend time with kids
  5. Focus on your strengths
  6. Improve your weakness
  7. Exercise often
  8. Learn a new habit today
  9. Spend time with family
  10. Laugh loudly

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