Few Notable ads from crash the Pepsi IPL Gallery

Few Notable ads from crash the Pepsi IPL

Title of the AD:
Blind Date with Pepsi:

Created By:
Vivek Joshi

This ad takes place in a lift. A guy (around 35+) overhears a conversation of another guy talking on phone. He was asking sorry to his girlfriend, whom is going to meet her fort the first time and for a blind date. The overhearing guy is not bothered about his conversation, but as soon as he hears the word, “Pepsi is at the table” he gets excited and he himself goes to the blind date saying he was that guy. He ignores the girl and drinks the pepsi.
Things I like in the ad:
Thank God, those perfume ads which projected, “Apply Perfume. Girls will follow you.” are out dated. These days people are ready to leave their job and girl friends for Pepsi 🙂

Almost all the ads that was submitted for IPL Pepsi leave their girl friends for Pepsi.

Thing that could have been improved:

Technology has developed a lot. Before going for any blind date, a guy/girl has lot of options to share his pictures in Facebook, What’s app, email. So, this kind of concept – meeting someone without even seeing in a photo may be a good concept during 2000, but not in 2015.
Costumes & Sound Track:
Could have been better. Background music is good.
Rating: 2.5/5

Title of the AD:
“Ek Cutting Pepsi”

Created By:

Venky AV

All guys feel very boredom at work and the tea supply guy enters the office. He senses the dull atmosphere and in the tea class he pours Pepsi and give it to everyone.
Everybody gets the cricket fever mood and starts playing cricket in office with 3 Pepsi bottles as stumps

Things I like in the ad:
1. The creativity to replace tea with Pepsi. Tea is known for energy refresher and usage of Pepsi instead of tea is really an out of box thinking.
2. It’s very much related to the topic – IPL and Pepsi. It advertises both equally.

Rating: 4/5
Title of the Ad:
Drink Happiness
Created by:
Rohit Choudhary

This is the ad that attracted me the most. The idea is simply super. No cast has been involved. The ad starts with “which drink makes you happy” and few options like milk; juice and Pepsi are popped up. Of course, the correct answer has to be Pepsi. But the way they shot is really awesome.
I don’t want to break the suspense. Do watch the video and enjoy the thrill.

Beauty is always best at its simple! Similarly, this ad had scored a lot with just a simple concept and making.

Rating: 4.5/5

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