My concern for the future.

I was shocked when I learned, how broiler(Suguna) chicken is produced. Every week it is injected with medicine to make it pluffy. This resultes in increase its size. But its heart, liver and other things will be small. Like a kid or a two months old. That’s why we can see them inactive in shops. They look like they are drugged. They can’t fly high or keep movements. Whatever we eat today is a poison. It will slowly kill mankind.

The greFutureFood 2050: How ingenuity will feed the world.ed and business had entered into food we eat. As per a research at 2050 every man and women will become unfertilized and they can’t produce a child naturally. We can’t stop this. I am really worried about the next generation health. The Hospital sector is happy because they have people round the year.

A coke bottle has 18 spoons of sugar. The one we consume in theaters has 22 spoons. That’s why coke tastes better in multiplex.

Processed foods are a big threat to mankind health. Super markets are full of processes foods. Local markets will be bombarded with GMO crops. So we are in a trap and no one really cares.The govtnment, System, Imdustires, etc..

I want my generation to eat a healthy food. So, I encouraged my daughter and son-in-law to get into agriculture or do some basic organic farming at their home. But their reply was a shock but a practical one. They gave number of reasons like, profits, hard work, finding labor, Luxurious life style for not getting into agriculture. I understood that they won’t and can’t get into farming. They are accustomed to IT life style. My daughter cribs and says she hates IT jobs. But she feels IT is better than farming. She says, “There is basic guidelines in IT life.”
If IT life is frustrating then agriculture or other entrepreneurship will be more frustrating. One has to sacrifice many things. Sometimes one’s morality will be under test. Any entrepreneur venture will be a huge success after a huge loss. No, it’s a myth.
Basically I feel, we have a poor manpower in Tamilnadu. The rural men booze every day and are unfit for long works. As per my prediction, Next generation will work in agriculture sectors. But, under corporates. Its pains, but. . .
I know it’s not easy to avoid the poisonous food, but at least follow these three rules in your life
Buy vegetables from local farmers
Eat seasonal fruits a lot
Avoid KFC and Pizza
Once in a month, it’s absolutely fine

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