Why Agriculture lost its Charm

This has many views. But my point is that Political system plays a major role in nation’s development. After the British left India, the non-agriculture sector like automobiles, textiles, machineries expanded in large volumes. Tax collection for the govt. accounted in 90% from these industries. So the govt. started pumping money into urban infrastructure which will attract industrial growth. The rural lifestyle had issues like large investment and low returns with High risk factors. Children’s future. Society pressure urbanization and industrialization made agriculture a low productivity and less priority job. Agriculture was and is labor intensive. There is nothing much innovation done.

Since the focus shifted to industrialization where the risks are low. Safe job.. Employee benefits. Urban living agriculture lost to it.

The other point is that the soils are made infertile knowingly and unknowingly. For eg. Rubber is not our crop. The British planted it. Any rubber plantation will ruin the fertility of the soil and make it unfit for other crops and takes away all the soil riches. Today most of the land in Kerala is unfertile because there was rubber plantation once in it.

The mass exports done today does not match with the numbers of industrialization in India.

Agriculture involves nature. So you can’t predict the profits accurately.

Agriculture will take a high toll in the coming years because the world is running short of food.

In India the corporates will get into agriculture soon

It will worse much because already we are consuming GMO (Genetically Modifies Organisms)

All the crops, vegetables, fruits except the seasonal ones are hybrid these days.

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