Top 3 Trees to plant in Tiruchendoge

Top 3 Trees to plant in Tiruchendoge

Each city has its own advantages. For example, Erode is situated on the bank of River Cauvery and water supply is adequate. So, the success of Agriculture also depends on the weather and the city they live in. Tiruchendoge, though it was famous for agriculture once upon a time, due to lack of water supply people are switching g to business like Borewells and Power Looms. Though it is depended on Cauvery River, below are the few tress that could sustain without less water supply.

Coconut Trees:

There are many advantages in planting this tree. First and foremost, the coconut trees grew well in hot areas and Tiruchengoude is a best place for it. Even it gives a good return in future. Tender coconut, coconut goes for a good price. Even you can take the oil from it to get largest profit. But first six months proper care and watering is needed.

Mango Trees:

90% of the family will have a mango tree at their home. There are a lot of variety available for you to plant. This also gives a cool atmosphere. This gives a very good return during mango seasons.

Bamboo Trees:

This gives a very good return on a long-term. Bamboo is a fast growing tree among all the trees and it’s like a rain for Farmers. One of the advantages with Bamboo trees is that, new shoots roots up often and hence it can be taken and cultivated separately. It also provides environmental benefits. It grows well in Tiruchengode city and it adapts for the climate.

Tips on planting and growing the trees will be posted in the next article.

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