Land a While

MuthusamyGrowth of agriculture is dropping a lot. Every Farmer wants their son to work on some aboard countries and not in their own farming land. They want their daughter to get married to Son who is a lecturer or a software Engineer or a Doctor or a lawyer but not a Farmer. None is to be blamed here. The Farmers are not getting the amount they invest. Then, how could they think of profits. Still people like me, whose ancestors are farmers have the love for agriculture. When I got into agriculture after 50 years, I was failed, failed and failed miserably. But I did not give up. I researched the reasons for my failure. I stopped using artificial pesticides, artificial fertilizer and used natural degradable items like eggshell and tea powder. I learned time and proper care is needed for plants too. I don’t want to stop there. That’s the reason I landed up here. I started this blog to share my personal tips with the world.

What can one expect in this blog? This blog will have post on agriculture tips. How to protect our agriculture land. Do’s and don’ts while harvesting plants and trees. The course details about the various agriculture courses that happens in and around Namakkal, Salem, Tiruchengode and Erode.

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