A thought for our brain .

In a cloudy evening, my wife and me were taking a walk to the nearby shopping mall, we stopped by a flower shop to get flowers to my wife.There was a lady who welcomed with a hearty smile.We got flowers from her but we did not have a hairpin handy so that my wife could decorate her hair with the flowers.Witnessing the scenario the lady picked one of the hairpin from the bundle she had(seems that she offers it to everyone in the same scenario) and gave it with a smile to me.We thanked her and went to the nearby shopping mall, after an hour we finished shopping and came to the billing counter, there was another lady at the counter who billed all the items i got from the shop and with a smile she asked me would you like get a carry bag sir?It is charged at RS.5 she added.
I replied stating that how else would you think that i will carry all these items

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