The purpose of life

The purpose of life

The purpose of life is

  1. To be an inspiration to others
  2. Make Others Happy
  3. Flavor the True happiness and Joy
  4. Love yourself
  5. Increase your Wisdom.

“To be an inspiration to others”
Right from dressing up, your walking style, your speech, The way you look be an inspiration to others. in whatever you do. In this way, you tend to make yourself the best in everything. Things may take time. But definitely one or the other day, it will happen for sure. if it’s not happening, then it was for your better.
Make Others Happy: First and foremost, Our parents and Children’s. Always try to spend at least few minutes thinking of making them happy or find ways to keep them happy. Throw a smile to a stranger from the bottom of your heart. Who knows, they may become your best friend someday.

Flavor the True happiness and Joy:
our life is a Gift. God gifts everyone something. For some, its with good life partner.For some its with lot of wealth. for some, it’s with great health. For some, it’s with great lovable parents. Whats your gift given by god or universe? Find that, thank for that and treasure it. Always find joy in each and activity you do.

Increase your Wisdom.

Life everyday teaches you some valuable positive lesson through many ways. One is through our experience. Second is through Other’s experience. And the third, but most important way is through books. Keep running in the track of life, and always try to beat your personal best. The personal best is your yesterday’s record of knowledge. Always enlighten your wisdom.

Love yourself:
This is the most important of all. Love and pamper yourself more.

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