3 Mistakes in Farming

Every Farmer’s goal is to take out at least the investment he made in agriculture. But unfortunately, he is not able to take out his own invested money due to the end result. Below are the 3 mistakes that a farmer might do in farming.

3 Mistakes in Farming:

  1. Invest Lump sum
  2. Invest in crop that my Neighborhood had harvest.
  3. Invest in crops that gave profit last year
  • Invest Lump sum: Before investing a lump-sum amount, study the soil. Some of the soils may be good for particular crops whereas for other crops it may not be the best one and it will not yield a good return. So, before investing a huge amount in a particular crop such as sugar cane, consider investing them in a smaller area and study its growth, survival and its existence. Research how much returns does it give based on that you can opt to invest.
  • Invest in crop that a Neighborhood had harvested: This is the most mistake farmers do. They go with the neighborhood. If their relatives invest in Kuchi Kizhangu, they too harvest the same in their farm. This will result in surplus of the crops resulting in excess of supply and shortage of demand. This would result in great loss. When I take a walk in evening, I always see a uniformity in harvesting. It would be either turmeric
  •  Invest in crops that gave profit last year: It’s a common practice to invest in crop that yield large profits in earlier years. It grows well in the hot areas like Erode and Namakkal  For example, Curcuma longa which is commonly known as Turmeric gave a good yield in 2010. Please see the below price chart for turmeric.Turmeric price

On seeing its profit, people invested more in Turmeric in 2011. But unfortunately, the price went low in 2011 and it resulted in a huge loss. so, it’s always advisable to go with the Future trends and not going with the historic data.

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